Listen To Your Customers. They Will Tell You All About Military Events

Oh, and don\’t forget to go through the kids\’ tub toys. There are probably only a few that they actually play with on a regular basis, so keep the number down.Oh, and don\’t forget to go through the kids\’ tub toys. There are probably only a few that they actually play with on a regular basis, so keep the number down. Plus, be sure to inspect them carefully and toss any that are broken, harboring mildew or are just plain yucky.

Once he leaves Las Vegas, Yokum will head to San Diego with his companion Emmie, the Superdog, and then East to Washington D.C., and back to Kentucky. Along the way, Yokum has been meeting with Mayors, Governors, and Police Chiefs and asking them to sign a declaration of support on the wooden Louisville Slugger bats Yokum\’s brought with him. He is working in conjunction with Soldiers\’ Angels to get Presidential support to declare October 26th as Day of the Deployed.

Memorial Day Service — Guest speaker is Col. Arthur Keating, U.S. Army. This service will also include a flyover, a 21-gun salute and more starting at 9AM at Rockefeller Gardens, 25 Riverside Drive, Ormond Beach. For more information call 386-676-3241.

Another entertainment media figure, Kiki King, who claimed to have met Grant, described him as \»the least friendly and most unappealing celebrity I\’ve ever met.\» Showbiz media personalities in his homeland use him as a referential model for the epitome of a reluctant, unobliging celebrity. Former editor of British tabloid newspapers the News of the World and the Daily Mirror, Piers Morgan, has written about his advice for Grant to stop making movies if he does not appreciate the spotlight.

When Brian first went to Iraq in 2003, I sent him a letter, and it said \»don\’t be a hero, please just come home!\» Brian deployed over five more times after that. My father asked me once if the Marine Corps could maybe send \’their other\’ Marine next time?

Be there for each other. Its important to give your child the attention they need especially being the only parent available. Be supportive and available as much as you can, and make family, friends, and teachers also aware of the situation so they can help.

Thousands of Americans across the country gathered today to honor our veterans, first responders, and civilians in the Travis Manion Foundation 9-11 Heroes Run. This 5k race raised funds to support those who strive each day to keep us safe. At Ellington Field in Houston, Mayor Parker joined an enthusiastic race day crowd filled with military and police personnel, support groups, families, etc.

When we send the packages, we ask the soldiers to give us any specific requests that they may have and try to fill them if we can. One soldier liked marshmallows and did scrap booking, so that\’s what she got along with the other items. Last Christmas, we got a good deal on butter cookies in really nice tins and a good deal on hot cocoa. That was their Christmas package along with a stocking full of small gifts phone options such as small munchies and gifts like note pads, small calendars and other such items.

If your spouse has been deployed and you have children at home it can become quite stressful. Raising children as a single parent presents its own struggles. Surely, your children will ask about their mother/father and it will be your responsibility to be strong and answer their questions as best you can to eliminate any fears they have. Children hear and see alot of negativity about the war and are often traumatized from the effects.

For the next 2 months I slept over at their home as if I were a member of the family. The girls planned a huge homemade dinner for my nineteenth birthday and baked me a cake. That first month I brought the baby home, they did my grocery shopping. At 3 am, I called up the mother, Theresa, sobbing because the baby would not stop crying and I didn\’t know what to do, I was exhausted. Theresa came running over in her nightgown, took the baby who instantly stopped crying, and let me finally have some sleep. She did this repeatedly until my husband returned home from deployment, with her husband Brian at his side. For years, Teresa was my babysitting savior, always there for me in a pinch, and always there to give me her motherly advice.

With a number of friends, and my husband in the military, I couldn\’t help but learn the lingo used by our Armed Forces. Mid-conversation you might just drop an abbreviation and get a blank look from someone outside the military. The idea for this article came to me, after an Associated Content reader wrote to me, after reading my article of care packages for soldiers. She has a boyfriend in Iraq, and was unfamiliar with some of the commonly used terms.

Chips, Cookies, Crackers, I recommend the ones like Pringle Potato Chips that come in the small cans. Thus you avoid crushing them with the weight of the other items in the list. Hard candy that won\’t melt like M&M\’s or any treats that won\’t melt or crush easily.

Remember, these soldiers are working extremely long hours, getting up very early and going to bed very late in a very hostile environment. Some of them are in tents with no BX, no refrigeration or microwaves.

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